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Welcome to Providentia Group

Your trusted partner for comprehensive investment
  advisory, fund management, and international property solutions.

About us

With a team of seasoned professionals and a commitment to delivering exceptional services, we strive to help our clients achieve their financial goals and capitalize on lucrative opportunities in the global market. Our mission is to provide personalized, strategic guidance that empowers our clients to make informed decisions and maximize their investment potential.

From investment advisory services covering various asset classes to meticulous fund management and international property solutions, we simplify the investment process under one roof. We take pride in being a premier one-stop shop for all your investment needs. Our exceptional team brings diverse expertise and years of experience to provide expert guidance and personalized strategies, enabling our clients achieve their financial goals and secure a prosperous future.

At Providentia, we prioritize confidentiality, foster strong trust-based partnerships through seamless connectivity, and adhere to a stringent code of ethics. Rest assured, your financial interests are in safe hands with us!

Investment Advisory

Our investment advisory services are tailored to meet each client's unique needs and objectives. We take the time to understand your financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon before developing a customized investment strategy.

Fund Management

We offer a range of services designed to suit both institutional investors as well as retail investors. We are committed to transparency, performance, and aligning our interests with those of our clients. Ultimately, our success is directly tied to the success of our clients.

International Property

Investing in international property can be a lucrative endeavour, but it requires a deep understanding of global markets and local regulations. Our international property offerings are brought to you after careful and meticulous market research, due diligence and property selection.

Meet the team !

Gilles Kichenin

Managing Director

Kamlesh Ramjee

Chief Investment Officer

Soojhata Chatoorsing

Portfolio Manager

Thesani Chellapen

Investment Analyst

Veni Comaren

Financial Advisor