What lies ahead of 2021

How to pre-empt in 2021? If you are thinking to invest, better be advised.

2020 has been a hard time for investors throughout the world. However, most of our investors were satisfied with the close interaction and advisory services we provided them during last year’s market tumble.

Our team at Providentia Asset Managers Ltd provided quick response to identify trends in real time for our clients and were able to propose investment opportunities and arbitrage.

We take a positive view of 2021, which we believe will be a better year for the global economy recovery. GDP growth will certainly bounce back.

Vaccines have shown a light at end of the tunnel which will allow restrictions to be removed most probably in Q2. A return to normal and consumers spending their savings shall bring a sharper recovery in economies such as US, UK and Europe. Both Fed and ECB will continue their net asset purchase program.

As for emerging markets, we see China joining  this recovery. However, certain emerging markets will see limited recovery particularly those that depend  on tourism and oil exports. Limited recoveries are expected in Latin America and Sub-Saharan countries.  The regional and local markets have not been performing well since a couple of years and there is an urgent need for investors to look for returns in developed markets.

At Providentia, we provide continuous support and advise to our investors taking into consideration all the parameters of the market ensuring a good  match with our client profile. The seek for market returns in hard currencies such as USD and EUR are very demanding. Our success hinged  on being pro-active in listed markets and our capacity to offer off-market investment solutions to our valued clients. This enabled them to take advantage of the market and generate positive returns  in a low rate and risky asset rally environment.

If you are a local or regional investor and willing to see your capital grow and appreciate, our team will provide advisory services to accompany you in your investment decisions.

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