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About Us

Transgenerational Wealth

Multi-Family Office Model

With an uncompromising sense for our code of ethics and standards of professional conduct, we adhere to the Multi-Family Office model. We aim to to offer efficient solutions to our clients to assist them in their estate-related challenges such as estate planning, wealth protection, and taxation.



We are an independent investment advisor working in the interests of our clients.



Confidentiality is at the
very core of our
profession. Rigorous
internal controls are
critical for our
functioning. We build
trust beyond investment
services by securing our clients’ data.



We strive to be the best through continuous learning, research, and development.


Risk Management

Risk Management is part of every investment strategy we devise for our clients. At the start, we emphasise the need to draw an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) which details our clients’ objectives and risk tolerance.


Code of Ethics

Our relationships with our employees, suppliers, partners, and clients are driven by respect, professionalism, and honesty.



We continuously strive to develop a quality network of collaborators and service providers.

“Portfolio management should not be allowed to become a random process. Every asset line should be working towards meeting the investor’s objectives. We endeavour to help investors and beneficiaries to be aware of where they are invested, and why.”

Our origins & Present

Since 2014

Providentia is licensed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Mauritius as an Investment Adviser (Unrestricted); a qualifying licence for the provision of unlimited investment services.

Positioned as a niche and exclusive company, Providentia owes much of its success to its hand-picked team of competent, experienced, and dedicated portfolio managers. In addition to having concrete track records, our professionals equally share one common goal – Delivering tangible results.

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