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Integrated Wealth &
Asset Management

Our focus on value addition when approaching investment strategies and estate planning, makes us an efficient, powerful, and trusted partner.

Our Corporate Fabric

What we are made of


With an uncompromising sense for our code of ethics and standards of professional conduct, we adhere to the Family Office model, aiming to offer efficient solutions to our clients to assist them in their estate-related challenges. We function within risk management frameworks that put asset protection at the forefront of our approach.

Integrated Solutions

Our Suite of Services

We are dynamic and we evolve. But we also preserve our core frame of mind – which is value-addition. It has to make sense. Beyond advisory and discretionary management, we also provide independent services and products.

Portfolio Management & Advisory

Tailor-made portfolios within carefully designed financial plans and Investment Policy Statements (IPS). We also offer advisory services to clients who can manage their own portfolios.

Institutional Fund Management & Advisory

Beyond asset management, we specialise in the target-dated approach. We also manage the tender process for institutional investors, whereby we screen, select, and monitor other asset managers.

portfolio Audit

We perform an independent check on your portfolio to allow you to have an objective view on your investments. We assess your allocation in light of your risk profile and evaluate the correlation between different asset lines.

Financial Planning

Our integrated services are maximised within well-thought-out financial plans. We provide simple quantitative approaches to retirement planning, educational savings, and real estate analysis, within optimal asset protection structures.


Meet the Team!

Gilles Kichenin

Managing Director
Gilles holds a Masters in Management from the Institut Supérieur de Gestion – Paris. He previously held diverse strategic positions at Schweppes France (Paris), Proval Sanders (Réunion), Marie Brizard & Roger International (Bordeaux), SHLMR (Réunion), and the Apavou Group (Mauritius/Reunion). Gilles is behind the Asset Management engine of Providentia.

Werner Alleman

Werner started his career in Swiss Volk bank in Zurich to later become head of the stock exchange department with Foreign Commerce Bank. Well versed in Portfolio Management, he is now the Partner of AGI Finance SA, a wealth management company based in Switzerland. Werner oversees the strategic direction of Providentia.

Logadarshen Rungien

Darsen has been working in the Global Business sector for more than 6 years with leading management companies. Darsen holds a BSC (Hons) in Management from the University of Mauritius and is currently enrolled in the final exams of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Thesani Chellapen

Investment Analyst
Thesani holds a Master’s Degree in Investment Management from City, University of London and a Bachelors degree in Banking and Finance from University of Mauritius. She is also a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honors Society.

Veni Comaren

Financial Advisor
Veni holds a Bachelor's degree in Banking and investment, an ESG certificate and has also obtained a financial planning and wealth management designation. 

Kamlesh Ramjee

Chief Investment Officer
Passionate about investments, Kamlesh holds a BSc in Accounting with Information Systems, a CFA ESG certificate and is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. He has over 17 years of experience in the investment industry managing portfolios, both locally and internationally.