Africa is experiencing unprecedented economic growth. African countries experienced an exponential growth trajectory over the past ten years and will continue to demonstrate strong fundamentals that signal continued growth in the medium-term and long-term.

The main objective is to support the transformation of the continent by improving the quality of that growth – making it shared, more sustainable and an ability to add value through operational discipline, will be well-positioned to benefit from one of the most exciting opportunities in the global economy. The size, energy, enthusiasm and dynamism of Africa’s youth are assets for the continent’s development. They are the driving force of Africa’s prosperity.

The positive spin-off for growth in African economies is evident, as it includes growth, for the sectors in which investments are made, job creation, as well as economic stimuli.

The Vision: To support and drive the African growth with investment in the African private sector via a dedicated fund.

The strategy of the Fund is built around 2 pillars:

  1. To expand business access to social and economic infrastructure such as Agribusiness, Energy, Health Care, Real Estate, Financial Services and Telecommunications & Media.
  2. To promote enterprise development by helping business to
  • gain access to finance,
  • building skills, and
  • helping to add value to activities while upgrading the lives of Africans and African societies.

Why invest in Futura Fund PCC?

Africa is definitely on the map and on the mind of many investors. Futura Fund PCC, with its unique vision of sustaining the local economy will target investment in growing companies and driven sectors where the players are African local people.

The fund has independent partners having successful track record in the African investment market. The board is composed of high calibre members having an expertise in the African business environment. The investment committee is composed of members who have been dealing with private equity investment in Africa for more than 10 years.

Futura, being a unique private equity PCC fund also offers a fund of fund strategy, which allow investors to reap considerable return by investing in an alternative asset class.