As part of its services, Providentia Asset Managers Ltd is positioning itself as a fully fledge service provider of pension/retirement schemes with a focus to deliver capital protection and comfortable returns to cater for future needs.

Providentia is already managing  portions of some African pension funds.


Conservative Profile

(Above 50 years old)

For members who are somewhat risk-averse. The primary focus shall be to achieve a modest level of portfolio appreciation with minimal principal loss and volatility. A modest level of capital volatility can be expected from time to time and overall returns may be relatively low. A typical portfolio shall include primarily cash, fixed income investment and others with a modest allocation to equities (with a maximum weight of 30% of this asset class at 50 years where this allocation tends to decrease while the member’s age approaches 60).

Balanced Profile

(Between 40 and 50 years old)

This type of portfolios offers a moderate level of capital growth over the time horizon of the investor while at the same time managing the risk. A less aggressive portfolio is prescribed or offered for those between ages 40 to 50 whilst an extremely stable low risk portfolio is recommended after age 50. For members who are willing to take a moderate level of risk. Primary emphasis shall be to strike a balance between portfolio stability and portfolio appreciation. Portfolio will primarily include a balance of fixed income, may be structured products and others and equities (with a maximum weight of 50% of this asset class).

Growth Profile

(Members up to the age of 40)

The growth profile portfolios aim to achieve a higher level of capital growth over the long term while providing a risk control through diversification. This type of portfolios offers a high level of capital growth over the time horizon of the investor while at the same time a high-risk profile. The member’s age is taken into account and an aggressive investment portfolio is offered to members under the age of 40, on the basis that the member still has 15 to 20 years to retirement and profit maximisation is the objective in this stage of the member’s life.